for School

We at Playwithbot believe that anything can be taught by the means of playing, Which is natural “Playing refers to doing something for FUN, why can’t it be both fun and knowledge gaining at the same time” all we have to do is to change the perspective of how we look into things.


Creating something fun for kids is comparatively easy now with the technologies available today all they need is a proper guidance and right platform to work with. Well where to get them ? Obviously @Playwithbot.


Now how we do it is the questions asked by many so far, we show you how First of all we need to understand children today already has a lot on their plates, so we can’t keep on add things on the list to learn , instead we can imply the practicality of the education they’re already having.

We start with making them understand what is the need for the education that they are having.

Then provide them with options which can they can choose based on their interest which helps them as well us to understand what can be their future career can be based on.

Then we provide them with required kits, manuals and experienced person to guide them during the process.

Feedback & Understanding

There are feedback sections for each sessions which helps us to monitor the class’s optimisation and understanding of the students. Even the faculty of a section or grade can request for specific content if the students feel it's complicated. We’ll add related videos or projects to make them understand it better.

Knowledge & Ability

We not only help with their knowledge we also help them with their ability to choose the stream their interested in and allow to face the consequences lead by them without losing anything but teaching them an important factor in life.


We use an easy-to-use , offline based software to make learning fun and knowledge gaining at the same time , how do we do that , knowledge gaining is something that they learn by playing with things instead of just reading or forcing them into their brains

Why Choose Before Others


pwb school why us

We provide personalized content based on the student’s current curriculum instead of giving some random projects or kits.

We have our Proprietary software to keep track of their learning materials and keep track of the individual records.

We provide ON-DEMAND videos or kits based on the requirement of the management or the faculty of the specific grade or section.

We simplify things instead of complicating them, instead creating a new syllabus for the tech learning we use their existing curriculum to make learning simple.

We don't provide a line and ask them to follow it, we give branches which can lead to multiple possibilities and aid them in their needs to get to the top.