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We at PlaywithBot work with technologies that will change the existing education system forever. We create fun things to play with and while doing so, we also understand the mechanisms involved in those things which are the ultimate goal ”learning”.

Your Experience


This is not a training center or a classroom, this is a workplace with multiple options for you to work on with, You’ll be working under a senior tech advisor who’ll guide you on the things that needed to be done.

Wide Range

& Flexibility

We have a diverse list of domains. Under each domain, there are multiple projects we are currently working on. You will be given a working option on a domain based on your interest or skill sets for the operation. We are also open to other emerging trends and thus flexible in the project domain.


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What you will expect from us

Pitch & Discuss

Make a presentation of the chosen project. Descuss with our members and get feedback.


Showcase your project and earn your certificate of merit.


Choose from the list of topics we provide and pick an idea to work on.


Start documenting to better understand your project.


Start building! We will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to build your awesome project.


The charges very based on the duration of the project, domain, team sizee. Price is inclusize of the resources like hardware and tools that are necessary for the project.