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You started school at an age around four or five, where almost all children of your age studied the same subjects, played the same games, read books that are of same standard and overall schooling was pretty much the same to all of us.

But that's once upon a time.

Not now!

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pwb students have many options

Students today have many options like never before. There seems to be an explosion of choices in world today that we are confronted with constant stream of decisions to make about everything.

Education is absolutely not an exception. In fact, it's the eye of this burgeoning plethora of choices.

Many of us think, the more choices we give students, the better.

But that idea simply backfires!

pwb students having too many options that leads to confusion of choosing career

Modern researches prove that with too many options available in the current education environment, it overwhelms students and without proper guidance to choose, it can paralyse students' creativity and curiosity.

Won't that become a serious problem if we don't tend to?

choices can be overwhelming and without proper guidance

So we need to figure out a solution for this

What we do in Playwithbot ?

Yes, we @playwithbot teach,

But we don't teach you typical lesson

We don't teach you common methodologies

We teach you 'How to choose'

playwithbots understand this issue perfectly and that's why we made it our motive to teach young minds to CHOOSE! Our approach is simple but effective. Fun yet fruitful. With playwithbots students can play in different arenas of technology and we guide them to choose that interests them like anything.

Our focus is Not only at academics, we want our kids good at

Critical ThinkingProblem SolvingLeadershipSolution mindsetWorking under pressurePublic Speaking

So we have to face and solve this issue at the earlier stage of student's life. But what usualy we do is , we postpond things till they turn 21 to taste their first job to meet the reality.

The big question we have is

what more should we add to children's curriculum?
How exactly the gap can be fulfilled?

The answer is here. we don’t need to add any, the children already has a lot on their plates today and we don’t have to keep on adding things to make it more complex.

Instead we change the method to which student learns and progress Also we add purpose to the learning in the earlier stages. we create an environment for them to understand the concepts they learn.

How can Playwithbot help you?

Learning is what humans have been doing since the dawn of humankind, Learning is a part of life without learning we wouldn't have survived.

In recent time we have termed the learning as education , which means the same thing

We aim a world where students can find out their passion and convert it into career. We aim A world where people graduate with fully confident , fully assured and completly prepared to gain a better position in the world.

We dream a era with a great mentality and skills to withstand the current employer condition. so we made few methodologies and formats for the educational process in order to make the learning process easy .

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Playwithbot for School

This is our trend setting program exclusively for schools.

Here are trying to Teach young minds how to think, with the help of our softwares and learning methodologies.

We mostly tie-up with schools and colleges to create a environment for the young minds to unleash their talent and channel their efforts in order to bring out the maximum in them to excel in life.

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Playwithbot for Graduate

This is our exclusive internship program for college students.

We help them to get hands-on experience in latest technologies and explore industrial working environment.

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