Internet of Things

Internet Of Things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Circuit Troubleshooting, PCB Designing, Automation. Heard of these terms but don’t know what they mean or do? We will cover these topics in full depth, from basics to application. Don’t picture boring school and college lectures! We guarantee to give Hands-on experience and practical guidance for you to be on your way to expertise.

Internet of Things

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Our Pathway towards expertise
Examine the Problem Determine which problem consumes your time.
Find the Solution and Code it ideate your solution, create an algorithm and program it.
Check your results with Simulator Simulate your circuit diagram with the simulation tool.
Flash it in the kit Flash your program in the kit to see live results.

Arduino is a open-source hardware/ software company, project and community , which creates single-board microcontrollers for building devices and interactive objects.

Here in Playwithbot, we show you how to work with these boards and how to make them work for you ! We offer 3 different courses based on your current domain expertise:


Introduction to arduino Digital I/O program ADC Concept.
Duration: 2:30 Hrs
Serial Programming Hands-on with 2 different sensors. Live demo on arduino projects. Questions and certification distribution
Duration: 3:00 Hrs


Introduction to arduino Digital I/O program ADC Concept. Serial communication in detail. Importing libraries and their usages.
Duration: 3:00 Hrs
Two - three live working projects. Working with different sensors. Questions and certification distribution
Duration: 3:30 Hrs


Create your own Functions. Import Libraries Understand Serial Communication I2C Using Wire Library Interupts EEPROM